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Developing countries thoughout the world are rich in their heritage, their resources, their people and their potential.

The one thing they lack is the kind of leadership that will end poverty, wars and corruption in their countries.

The Institute of Advanced Leadership (International) is actively working to address this need.

  • We are one of the few Institute's who's primary focus is to change the perceptions, attitudes, skills, and approach of the leaders in developing countries - so that they create the greatest positive change possible in society.

  • Since late 1999, the Institute has trained many thousands of Government, Charity and Corporate leaders from Uganda, Rwanda, the D.R.C. and other countries.

  • Using our mediation and conflict resolution skills and approaches, our then Deputy Chairman, Ahmed Doka, negotiated a peace deal between the Ugandan Government and the United Nile Rescue Front II (UNRF-II) rebels, resulting in 2600 rebels ceasing fighting, turning in thousands of weapons, and returning 135 child soldiers they had kidnapped.

  • The Insitute's training programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were one of the elements that helped to end a war that had cost over 3 million lives, and left 15 million starving.

    By training the entire rebel government that controlled Eastern Congo (DRC), in the skills, approach and attitudes necessary to achieve peace with their opposition, the Institute helped change the the rebel's attitudes to see that it would be benefical to them to end the war.

    (The rebels also asked the Institute to train the Kinshasa Government, as they saw that the training helped both sides to work together.)

    Prior to the main training, the assessment was that 50% of the RCD rebels said they wanted to end the war, but that only 25% meant it. After the training, the assessment was that close to 100% said they wanted to end the war,... and
    50% meant it.

    The Institute also provided one-on-one leadership development, conflict resolution and mediation training to Azarias Ruberwa. After signing the historic peace deal to create a government of national unity, Mr Ruberwa was installed as a Vice President, and dozens of the people trained by the Institute were made ministers, governors, M.P.'s, heads of department, or given other senior posts in the new government.

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