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One of our former volunteers, Nassar Mukasa.
(Pictured here at the Principal's desk of an orphan school he established. Using the leadership skills he developed from working and studying with us, he successfully ran for local parliament.)


The Institute of Advanced Leadership has trained thousands of leaders in the developing world, with the aim of developing the style of leadership that will end poverty and wars in Africa and elsewhere.

Our style and approach are unique. We recognise that nothing will change in Africa and elswewhere, unless its leaders become bettter leaders. So we teach a mixture of management, leadership and personal development skills and approaches, so that leaders become more successful at reaching their own personal goals - while at the same time becoming more loving, more visionary, and more committed to creating positive changes for their people.

We invite you to read more about our work:

Helping Africans to help themselves - and to help the world.

Our work in Uganda.

Training that resulted in a rebel army in Uganda (the UNRF) giving up war.

Training the entire rebel government of Eastern DRC (Congo) on how to achieve peace.

A possibility of preventing a future genocide: - our work in Rwanda.

Our partnership with the World University of Leadership - providing Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Leadership for Business, Government and N.G.O. (Charity) Leaders.

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