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The following case history outlines the work done, and the results achieved for one of our client companies. For the sake of anonymity we haven't used any names in the following example. However, if you would like additional details or verification, or would like to speak to any of the people mentioned, we are happy to arrange this.

WORK DONE (on and off over 18 months)

- One-on-One Leadership Development for four out of five of the most senior people.

- Counselling / Performance Enhancement for four mid-level staff.

- Teamwork seminar over 2 days for everyone in the company.

- An 8 hr seminar (run over 2 mornings) for everyone in the company, to aid the staff's understanding of themselves and their co-worker's personalities.

(The following results are due to a range of factors. The work we have done with this company is only one of those factors. However, in the view of top management, our training has been the major cause of most of the positive changes noticed in the staff and in their results, and a major cause of the company's overall success.)

- The value of the company before doing the work was approximately $1.5m.
18 months later the company sold for approximately $11m.

- The earnings of everyone who did one-on-one leadership development have more than doubled.

- All of those doing One-on-One Leadership Development who were interested in being promoted, have been.

- The benefit of work produced as a result of doing One-on-One Leadership Development was estimated by one of the Directors as being worth over $500m to the company they sold themselves to.

- The staff are happier, more powerful, more effective, and work better together than previously (in the estimation of all employees).

Examples of Work Done with Each Person and the Results they Personally Experienced

- The Managing Director saw us for weekly sessions (except when he was overseas) over a period of approximately 6 months. He initially came to see us to improve his ability to motivate his staff. After about 6 weeks work we interviewed 6 of his staff to gain feedback on areas they felt he could improve and to give general feedback on his management style. Without even being asked, 3 of them mentioned how much he had changed for the better, and prefaced most of their negative feedback with "He used to be ...(something negative).. but lately he is ..(something positive)..".

He continued to do further work in developing a variety of leadership and communication skills as well as improving his time management, his health, his marriage, his people skills, his ability to run meetings effectively, his ability to be assertive, and a number of other areas.

- One of the directors came to see us to improve his time management skills. He saw us initially for 7 weeks, during which time he substantially improved his time management. He then decided to do a further 7 sessions to improve some other areas of his work, as well as to deepen the improvements he'd already made.

In his last session he mentioned to us that:

"By doing the work with you I have improved my presentation skills, and shaped the way I approach my work. This has enabled me to handle 3 very large independent projects which have resulted in achieving a benefit of many hundreds of millions of dollars profit, which I wouldn't have achieved had I not done this work with you.

I've also increased my ability to look after myself physically; gained more inner happiness; have greater self acceptance and have improved my relationships at home."

- A senior project leader
came to us to enhance his overall leadership capabilities. After working together for a while he decided to do 2 senior management diplomas through our company, and we co-designed a very extensive, yet highly personalised and very relevant, course of studies. He had been thinking of doing an M.B.A. but felt that the work he had been doing with us was far more valuable. And, he believed that the depth of our work was far greater, even though the total time spent together was significantly less.

A few months after beginning the work with us, he was promoted to a senior management role.

- Counselling / Performance Enhancement work was also done with four mid-level staff (and where desired, was also a component of the work done in One-on-One Leadership Development). Problems dealt with included lack of energy, being highly withdrawn, low self esteem, arrogance, difficulty working with team members, relationship difficulties, stress and feelings of overwhelm, issues relating to childhood, problems stemming from a cultural/racial background, and a number of other areas.

The benefits realised in each of these areas led to significant personal benefits for the individuals concerned, as well as substantial benefits to the company - through increased teamwork, decreased conflict, less personal distractions to contribute fully at work, and through improving people skills and enhancing personal power, effectiveness and commitment.

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