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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our training services. The Institute Of Advanced Leadership are acknowledged as leaders in the area of human dynamics - and all our work centres around this area of expertise. Our group training has been used by scores of the world's top companies, governments and charities; we are the world's leading supplier of One-on-One Leadership Development, a new form of leadership development which is yielding incredible results. And all of our profits are used to train leaders in Africa, India and other developing countries. But in the end, what's important is how we can assist you in bringing out the best in your workforce, and improving your profitability through developing your people.


As specialists in the area of human dynamics, our expertise is in helping people to change in ways that help them and their company. We help people to change their thinking and their behaviours so they take responsibility for the success of the organisation and take ownership of the areas they can positively effect or influence. We also help people to improve their relationship skills: - their ability and comfort in approaching, relating, influencing, and working well with other people, whether they be customers, subordinates, peers or managers.

Our leadership and team building trainings are tailored specifically to your needs, and they create real, guaranteed changes. There are three aspects to our trainings: One-on-One Leadership Development, Programs for "behaviourally challenged" employees, and Group Training.


The Full Program:

Our One-on-One Leadership Development programs are individually designed for senior managers who aren't content to rest on their laurels, who seek excellence, and are aware that a leadership coach can be worth millions to them. (In the same way that a truly professional athlete wouldn't dream of working without a coach.) It's also a great way for new managers to become effective managers of people, while avoiding the costly and time-consuming "trial and error" approach that they might follow unassisted.

Our full One-on-One Leadership Development program is a personalised and very powerful program designed for key people in the company. We work one-on-one with managers to help them develop in whatever ways they feel would be most useful to develop. These may include areas such as enhancing their skills in communication, team building, decision making, presentation skills, or understanding and influencing people. And frequently, at their request, we also deal with some personal development issues, such as helping them gain skills in shifting attitudes, and any limiting beliefs and habits of themselves and their team. This enables them to transform their teams into forward looking, synergistic, proactive and empowered groups.

The program takes from 30 - 100 hours. This can be done in a single block of 2-7 days, or over weekly sessions of a couple of hours at a time (or a mixture of both). If 100 hours is satisfactorily completed, the manager is awarded a Diploma of Advanced Leadership.

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Six pages of extra information on One-on-One Leadership Development
A Case History of a Company using One-on-One Leadership Development, outlining the work done and the results achieved

The Management Mastery Program

The Mastery Program is a component of our One-on-One Leadership Development, and can be done separately. Its main focus is personal development. In this program we look at how a manager relates to his (or her) staff, how his communication, his approach, his attitudes and personality style effect the results he gets from his employees. And using a large variety of processes we help the manager to become the sort of person and the sort of manager (s/)he would like to be - to become a master in the art of bringing out the best in his workforce.

This normally takes 30 hours, comprising of 3 evening sessions and two days away ( in a waterfront cabin in the bush near Berowra).

Personal Breakthrough Sessions

The Personal Breakthrough Session is run over 8 hours (1 day or 2 half days). It's a very powerful process which helps people to overcome whatever it is that blocks their success and contribution to the organisation. Although the process isn't confronting or difficult, it deals at a conscious and subconscious level in helping people to overcome whatever limitations they identify in themselves, to enhance their strengths, and to learn new strategies to achieve their objectives. We would recommend doing one of these with all staff members who aren't doing the Mastery Program or One-on-One Leadership Development.


Performance Improvement Intensives

Our Performance Improvement Intensives normally take 30 hours, comprising of 3 evening sessions and two days away (in a waterfront cabin in the bush near Berowra). They are designed to assist any "problem" employees who need to make personal changes in order to do their job more effectively and to be a productive team member. Each "Performance Improvement Intensive" is personally designed and run for the unique person we're working with. This results in powerful shifts in the employee's attitudes, approach to work, and in his (or her) relationships with co-workers and management; which leads to substantially improved performance for the individual and his team. And as a side benefit, employees are normally incredibly grateful - as they find that the program invariably helps them in the rest of their lives as well.

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Personal Breakthrough Sessions: - See description two paragraphs above.

- for any employee who's going through difficult times.

The workplace isn't a day care centre. Its not designed to pander to employees' emotional highs and lows. However the reality is that people are people, and that no matter how professional they may be, and how hard they may try to keep their personal lives separate from work, their personal lives will affect their work lives. Marital problems and divorces, problems with children, sickness and death in the family, mid-life crises, and a whole host of emotional factors can all affect employees' mental and emotional health, and their ability to do their work, and to relate well to other staff and customers. An understanding manager can be a great help to an employee during these difficult times, but even if s/he was fully trained and incredibly skilful in counselling, s/he would be limited in her/his ability to help the employee. No-one is going to be completely open and honest, knowing that their manager's judgement may at some stage affect decisions about whether to promote, demote or fire. So it can be incredibly useful to have an outside party who can provide a confidential counselling service to employees, and which is designed to help the employees overcome their difficulties, rather than wallowing in self-analysis for many months or years.


We provide group training on any area related to Human Dynamics. e.g. Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales etc. (Full list of Group Training courses provided). These programs are interactive, challenging, interesting and fun; and most importantly, they lead to improved performance and effectiveness by creating real behavioural and attitudinal changes as well as increasing your staff's skills and knowledge.

Our performance appraisals from the thousands of staff we've trained average 4.7 out of 5, with 97% of participants rating the overall program, the organisation, and the facilitation, as either "Excellent" or "Very Good".

One of our most popular programs is our teambuilding retreat. This is personally designed for your company and your team, and is guaranteed to help your staff work together more productively. Another training program which many companies have found highly worthwhile is based around the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - a personality profile which helps your staff understand the people they are relating to, far better. It helps them to add more value, to influence people more, and to understand themselves better - and thereby increase their performance. This is run over two sessions of 3 hours each - and then we spend 2 hours with each participant on an individual basis examining their strengths, how to overcome their weaknesses, and how to relate better to anyone they normally have difficulty with.


At The Institute of Advanced Leadership we're committed to adding value, and to providing an excellent service. So we don't simply simply offer a money back guarantee. We go the step further and guarantee that WE'LLGIVE YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU'RE NOT MORE THAN SATISFIED. (Provided the rebate is clearly asked for within 2 days of the service being performed.)

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