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Take a moment to think of a manager who brought out the best in you.
Then think of a manager
who disempowered you.  

Look at what made the difference.
You'll find it wasn't their technical skills or their experience in the role.
The difference was in the
sort of person they were.  

If you want to be the sort of manager
who brings out the best in your staff,
you won't become that sort of a person
by spending years doing an M.B.A.
Nor will you do it by attending a few days or weeks of management seminars.  

But you can literally change your life
and substantially improve
your leadership effectiveness
by doing One-on-One Leadership Development
work with the right person.

90% of our graduates
who wished to be promoted,
were promoted within 6 months
of completing their One-on-One Leadership Development program.

The most critical factor that determines whether an organisation fails or succeeds, is the quality of leadership demonstrated by its senior management.

Corporate folklore is filled with stories of companies and departments that were built from nothing by their visionary founder; only to have later faltered under mediocre management, and then arisen from the ashes when a new manager took over.

Yet we forget that these successful managers didn't become great leaders simply by luck. Most of them had spent their lives developing themselves so that they were the type of people who created (and maintained) successful organisations, and who consistently empowered their employees to be successful.

What isn't widely known is that with a facilitator who is highly skilled in both corporate management development, as well as personal development, it is possible in just 30 - 200 hours, for any manager who is dedicated to improving him/herself to dramatically improve his/her leadership abilities, as well as the quality of his/her personal life.

This is where our One-on-One Leadership training gives you the cutting edge. While most people and organisations who provide leadership development services (including those providing MBA's),have no idea of how to help people transform themselves; our One-on-One Leadership training provides managers with a program perfectly designed for them and their company.

The subject matter, the depth explored, the way we train, are all tailored specifically to the person we're working with, to their personality, and their map of reality (their conditioning, belief systems, values and framework of understanding). By working one-on-one, we are able to "speak their language" and guide each manager in a way that is perfect for them.

This results in marked improvements in all areas of their life. And this is achieved in an incredibly short time when compared to doing an M.B.A. (or equivalent). And the whole program is done in a very interesting, insightful and enjoyable way.

On the satisfactory completion of 100 hours* of One-on-One Leadership Development
you will be awarded a Diploma of Advanced Leadership.

If you choose to do a further 100 hours* you can earn a second Diploma which certifies you in your current role,
or the next one you would like to be promoted to.
e.g. a Human Resource Director could earn a Managing Director's Diploma.

*An intensive 7 day program is close to 100 hours. As are 2 weekends, and 4mths of 3hr sessions a week.

A sample of the results our clients have been getting
from their One-on-One Leadership Development:

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