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Do you have any difficult employees?

Often the most difficult aspect of being a manager is trying to deal with a problem employee. A single employee can have an enormously negative impact on a whole department, resulting in lowered morale, loss of profit, and high levels of inefficiency and frustration - for other employees as well as the manager. Sometimes speaking to the employee is all that's needed, but frequently the problem has a deeper cause which the manager, and even the employee him/herself is unable to overcome.

Till now, there was little a manager could do. But fortunately there is now a program which really works.

Our "Performance Improvement Intensive" consists of three 2hr sessions, and two days away (in a waterfront cabin in the bush near Berowra). During this time we work with the employee's underlying beliefs and attitudes - helping them to identify what attitudes and beliefs they have that are useful in their life and their work, and those that aren't. Once these are clear, then we help them to change their old approaches to new ones that will support them in achieving outcomes which support them and their company.

Our facilitators have decades of experience in helping people to change. The methods deal not only with the conscious mind (the part that says, for example, "I shouldn't get angry"), but also with the unconscious mind (the part that does get angry... or says unhelpful things, or is undisciplined etc.). We don't just use one technique, but choose from a toolbag of 100's of techniques, depending on the unique individual who we are working with.

Everyone who's done our program has been grateful to the manager who sent them on it. And we're proud to know that our work has resulted in many people keeping their job, and particularly proud of those people who were promoted shortly after doing our work, who otherwise would have lost their job.

So if you have any employees you'd like to change, give us a call on +61 (0)2 9688-7222, and let us make your work-life a lot easier and more productive, while greatly helping that employee.

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