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actually changes participants.

How our Training Actually Changes People
Our Guarantee
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What People Say about our Training
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Are you sick of spending your money
on training that doesn't make a difference?

Would you like to have some training which really works?

... Which makes a noticeable difference to the effectiveness of your people?

... And leads to a strong commitment to serving the organisation, its people, and its customers?

Then you need some Added Value

At The Institute of Advanced Leadership we know the power of great training (and coaching, counselling, consulting and facilitating).

We know the power of training that gets results; that changes people and organisations;
and creates real teamwork,innovation, commitment to excellence, and a culture of achievement.

And we believe you have a right to be guaranteed training that really makes a difference.

In fact, we're so confident of our results that we make the following guarantee:

if you're not MORE THAN SATISFIED.

(Provided the rebate is clearly asked for within 2 days of the service being performed)

Training Programs that actually change people

Why we are so effective

Every trainer with The Institute of Advanced Leadership is passionately committed to being the sort of person and presenter who is able to facilitate skills development as well as behavioural and attitudinal changes in their course participants.

We believe that changing the culture of an organisation requires us as trainers:

  • to have a deep understanding of people and human dynamics - from a corporate and an individual perspective (developed over many years of intense research and self improvement);
  • to show an outwardly visible commitment to excellence;
  • to demonstrate a track record of successfully practising what we preach;
  • to challenge people to see new possibilities, to be willing to learn and take on a new way of working, to take personal responsibility, and to increase their commitment to excellence in whatever they do;
  • to have the ability to maintain rapport, acceptance and credibility while challenging people;
  • and to be able to translate teachings into results.

The R.A.A.F. (R.oyal Australian Air Force) in an experiential game as part of their training in empowerment.

Our training gets everyone involved and is a lot of fun.

The indoor and outdoor exercises are designed to provide powerful experiences and learnings which will live permanently with the participants; and which significantly improve people's performance and people skills in the workplace.

Our Clients include:

IBM, Cisco Systems, Oracle Systems, Commonwealth, State & Macquarie Banks, AMP, ATO, CUB, CSR, ICI, SVDP, RAAF, Virgin, Qantas, British Airways, Optus, Andersen Consulting, Fletcher Challenge, Roche Pharmaceuticals, The Catholic Church, a number of small companies, and over 100 organisations in S.E. Asia.

What People Say About IOAL's Training

"Excellent! Excellent! Just Excellent!"

- John Doble, Practice Management Manager, Andersen Consulting

"Extremely worthwhile";

"Totally enthralling";

"Very impressed"

- Sample responses from Operations, Loans and Customer Service Staff of the Commonwealth Bank.

"Your course gave me great insights into myself and a powerful new way of looking at life.

I learnt more practical psychology in three weekends of training, than in my entire psychology degree course."

- Christine Pellicano, Manager, Jenny Craig (Fairfield).

"Inspirational. I got my life again."

- Bill Weir, Proprietor, W.A. Weir P/L.

"We are blessed with your presence. You're the master."

- Professor Munmohan, New Delhi University & Co-ordinator, WEA (New Delhi)

"Fantastic. The whole audience really loved the trainer."

- Indira Koithara, Director, Vishwa Yuvak Kundra (India's largest youth training organisation) (New Delhi) 

More testimonials

Testimonials from clients of our One-on-One Leadership Development Programs

Quantitative Feedback we've received:

Our performance appraisals from the thousands of staff we've trained, average 4.7 out of 5, with 97% of participants rating the overall program, the organisation, and the facilitation, as either "Excellent" or "Very Good".

Some training companies are a lot more "efficient" than us

They develop one program and use it for every company they work with, regardless of the people they're training, the issues the client company is facing, and the specific needs of that company and the participants.

The training we provide is carefully designed and customised for each group of participants:
- after extensive interviews and discussions with all levels of personnel, and with customers;
- and analysis of the systems and culture of the organisation.

Why we go to all this bother

  • This extensive preparation and customisation is done in order to provide training that:
  • is presented in a style which all participants relate to;
  • covers the areas of skills development most needed;
  • challenges participants to provide very high levels of internal and external customer service;
  • addresses (directly or indirectly) the underlying issues which determine the actual behaviour and attitudes of staff, internally with each other, and with customers;
  • results in observable and tangible improvements. 

    We custom design all our programs.
    Shown is a program we ran using 22 trainers and involving 200 activities,
    for all of IBM's staff in Malaysia (350+ people).

Attitudinal Training

If you're doing any training on attitudes it's critical for participants to have realisations
which change their way of thinking; not just trite sayings or motivational hype.

Realisations may be gained experientially; through an explanation of great clarity;
through linking existing understandings to form a new one;
or through removing the barriers, the fears,
which prevent the person's natural talents and desire for excellence from being expressed.

Training in teamwork, leadership, customer service, communication,or any human dynamics area,
will come off as corporate bunk and a waste of time if the trainer doesn't walk the talk,
or isn't skilled or powerful enough in communicating the underlying distinctions
in ways that result in participants having powerful realisations which actually change them.

But if the trainer is good enough to create shifts in people than the results are extraordinary
and of incalculable value to the organisation.

- Tony Lenart, "Uncommon Leadership"

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If you want training in any human dynamics area, then we can probably help you.
We provide group training in the following areas:

Our Most Popular Courses:

- Teambuilding
For new or established, small or large teams. You can choose the emphasis or mix of emphases:
A chance for the team to have fun away from work,
to learn about how to relate and get on better, to promote a culture of support, etc.

- Leadership
Including courses for up-and-coming managers, new managers, senior managers
and management teams.

- Customer Service
We've trained thousands of people to truly serve customers. For as Tom Peters so succinctly puts it:
"The best kept secret in the global economy today is this - when your service is AWESOME
you get so stinking rich you have to buy new bags to carry all the money home."

- Enhancing People Skills
- Understanding People's Personality Styles
Helps participants relate significantly better to co-workers, their managers, employees and customers.
(Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, "D.I.S.C.", Metaprograms, "L.S.I." etc.)

Other courses in human dynamics

- The Winning Edge In Selling
Influencing others with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Ericsonian Hypnosis.
Overcoming fears and limitations with the latest in transformational technologies,
and powerful techniques which allow salespeople to enter into the client's world and communicate
using their language and framework of reality, and utilising their buying strategy.

- Pathways to Excellence
An incredibly powerful program which results in tangible improvements in the participant's motivation, innovation, commitment to excellence, ability to work synergistically with others,
and a willingness to take calculated risks, and to really work on behalf of the company.

- Presentation Skills
Including "Train the Trainer", "Improving Self Confidence",
"Running Effective Meetings" etc.

- Strategic Planning
"Creating an organisation with a common purpose",
"Becoming a Vision/Values Driven Organisation".

- Communication
Including the "Listening" Profile and various exercises which really enhance listening abilities,
and elements mentioned under "Handling Conflict", "Presentation Skills",
"Understanding People", "Pathways to Excellence" & "The Winning Edge in Selling" .

- Handling Conflict
"Conflict Resolution", "Dealing with Difficult People", "Managing Conflict".

- Dealing with Change
Programs for drivers of change processes, and for those effected by change.

- Improving Decision Making - including a Brain Dominance Profile and much more.

- Stress Management - including the "Coping with Stress" profile.

- Recruiting the right people

- Time Management

- Accelerating your Career Progression

- Becoming a Learning Organisation

- Understanding Finance - for non financial managers.

- Transformational Management - The new paradigm in management development.

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