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Following are a couple of quotes from Tony Lenart's book, "Pearls of Wisdom".

When I get time, I'll add some more quotes.

In the meantime, Happy Reading!


The way to Parramatta

Most people live their lives never looking at where they are,
where they are going
or where they would like to be.
This is akin to driving in a large city (such as Sydney, where I live)
with a blindfold on,
unaware of the destination
but living in the hope of arriving in the right place.

Others have an idea of where they wish to go in life
but never stop to see where they are now,
where they are going
and what changes and strategies are required to get there.
This is like choosing to go to Parramatta (a suburb of Sydney),
having no idea how to get there,
but never bothering to ask others or look at a directory.

Some people have found where they're headed
as well as a route that allows them to get there.
They are so happy at having found an answer
that they follow this route blindly
and preach it dogmatically to others.

This is like a person heading for Parramatta
and having been told to follow Parramatta Road.
Excited at having finally found "the" way
they doggedly stick to Parramatta Road regardless of traffic holdups,
other routes that may be better
or opportunities that pop up along the way,
fearful that any divergence may have them lost again.

Such is their commitment to the route (Parramatta Rd.)
that they tell everyone that this is the way
without stopping to ask where others wish to go
or where they are coming from.

For an enlightened few
the drive may also be to Parramatta.
They know where they are headed
yet are willing to try different destinations.
They know where they are now
and a number of different routes
to take them where they are wishing to go.
To learn of new routes, they use a street directory and talk to others.
And they learn from those with different viewpoints
such as the radio traffic announcer in a helicopter.

If there is a holdup
they don't blame others
or themselves;
they simply accept it as so
and look for ways to get around the problem.

Sometimes they'll take the long route
to enjoy the scenery.
Other times they'll try the dirt roads
for the fun of the challenge.
They'll take risks trying new routes
to see if these are better than the ones they know.

When a person asks them the way,
the enlightened traveller
asks where they are headed,
where they are starting from
and how they wish to travel.
The traveller may advise a route
that they feel is best for that person
but won't be upset if the person chooses another way.

The destination, the routes,
the speed, the purpose of travelling will vary;
but the enlightened traveller (on the path of life)
will always aim for at least one thing:
to enjoy the journey.

- Tony Lenart (


The Diamond Within

If I give you a clump of dirt,
What are you likely to do with it?

You may throw it away
or make some small value of it
by using it in your garden.

But what would you do with the clump of dirt
if I told you there was a diamond inside it?

Most likely you would set out
to remove the dirt, the obscurations,
to find the diamond within.

And so it is with ourselves.
For we all have an inner perfection;
God; the Buddha nature; a divinity; a diamond within.
Yet it is obscured by ignorance and attachments.

Some people see only the dirt inside themselves.
They've lost belief in their own value
and become depressed and disheartened.
Sometimes having gone as far
as to figuratively throw themselves out:
destroying themselves through drugs,
alcohol, anger, or self pity.

Others utilise the small value of their "dirt"
by utilising their ego and attachments
to attain the Western model of success:
providing ego and sense gratification
through status seeking
and the fulfilment of material desires.

Yet if we recognise our inner divinity:
the diamond within,
then with the confidence born through this knowledge
of our true magnificance,
we can work powerfully and diligently to remove everything
that obscures our true nature.
And when we can accept our true magnificence,
we no longer have a need to compete with others;
to put them down or harm them in any way.

When we realise our inner perfection,
love for everyone comes naturally.
And as we sow love so also shall we reap love.

When we know that we and the world are perfect,
we work with the world,
dancing with it;
seeing life as a wonderful game;
Its hardships as great lessons;
Its problems as illusions.

In the past we may have fought the world.
Yet if we remain steadfast
while a partner tries to dance with us,
we will find that we are pulled in all directions.
We feel agitated and angry
at these forces that oppose us.

But when we dance with our partner -
with life;
being totally present;
not fighting, but flowing with the dance,
then the same experience
becomes one of joy, of harmony and of freedom.

When we discover this diamond within
and work to remove the obscurations,
we become powerful, happy and loving;
as we dance with life -
laughing where once we were crying.

- Tony Lenart (

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