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Testimonials - about our Training Programs
Quotes from or about One-on-One clients:


"We loved your workshop. Our staff thought it was fantastic and were thrilled and in awe of the training. I just gave our staff an unexpected salary bonus which they thought was great - yet the response to your training was even more positive than the bonus."

- Allan Menezes, Owner - Body Control Pilates Studios (Sydney, Bondi, Nth Sydney) and Founder - Pilates Institute of Australasia

"Excellent! Excellent! Just Excellent!"

- John Doble, then Practise Management Manager - Anderson Consulting (Australasia). Now Accenture (Australasia).

"Extremely worthwhile!"; "Totally Enthralling!"; "Very impressed!"

- Sample responses from Operations, Loans and Customer Service Staff of the Commonwealth Bank (Perth, Adelaide and Sydney)

"Fantastic. The whole audience really loved the trainer."

- Indira Koithara, Director - Vishwa Yuvak Kundra (India's largest youth training organisation) (New Delhi)

"An excellent program. All the feedback has been very positive. Everyone was very happy. They all said it was really fun yet meaningful."

- Faridah Aris, Communications Manager - I.B.M. (Malaysia)

"Totally enthralling. Time just flew. With a stunning, brilliant close."

- Sue Gledhill, then Loans Officer - Commonwealth Bank of Aust. (Bris)

"Brilliant content. The facilitator was professional, happy, vibrant, and genuinely cares about people and developing management."

- Inspector Jenny Vincent, Police Assistance Line, Tuggerah

"I learnt more practical psychology (how to make my life work) in 3 weekends of training than in my entire Psychology degree."

- Christine Pellicano, then Manager - Jenny Craig (Fairfield)

"I got my life again."

- Bill Weir, Proprietor - W.A. Weir Pty Ltd (NSW)

"Your course was packed in with value.

It helped me see myself and the things around me more clearly; and to solve problems.

So many things you said were so true.

You'll remember I described myself as a beach bum who fell into being a Managing Director. And that I felt I was the least qualified person in the company.
You made me realise I had everything I need inside me. You helped me see the potential I can realise; and gave me the tools so I'm no longer scared to achieve this potential.

All up, I'd value the 9.5 hours work we did as worth $500,000 p.a. to my personal productivity."

- Scott Leitch, Group Managing Director - Seaworld Pty. Ltd. (Tas)

"Your course was easy, comfortable and fun. Yet extremely powerful and really deep because its personalised and intimate.

It was more than inspirational. I was transformed.

It connected everything I'd learnt to that point. Made it clearer and enhanced my understanding. And then took me to an even deeper level where I could see the big picture.

I got a deep and real understanding that everything I create is from within me. And that its OK to be me.

I have lots less traumas. And now I'm able to snap out of negative moods and thoughts.

I'm extremely grateful for the course. It resulted in me getting my dream job.

And now I'm constantly having people say to me
'Wow! Where did you learn all of these things?'"

- Marina Rampin, Production Assistant and Administrator (Sydney)

"We are blessed with your presence. You're a master."

- Professor Munmohan, New Delhi University, & Manager - Werner Erhardt & Associates (New Delhi)

Testimonials from clients of our One-on-One Leadership Development Programs

"I'm a lot more relaxed. I think more and better, I'm stronger and more assertive. I have a far better relationship with my business partner. I'm no longer settling for second best. And I'm no longer losing money like I was before."

- Peter Bloomfield, Owner/M.D. - P.I.P. Publications

"You've helped me immensely. I've certainly noticed a significant difference, and I'm sure Jim (my manager) has also."

- John Hallis, Manager - Asia Pacific Technical Assistance Centre - Cisco Systems (Dec 1996)

"Working with you has been rewarding and enlightening. People have been saying "That's a different response from what you normally do". Jim (my boss, the Vice President) has recognised the changes in me. When he promoted me he said it was because he had noticed these changes. THANK YOU. I couldn't have done it without your assistance/help/consulting."

- John Hallis, Director - Asia Pacific Technical Assistance Centres (Australia, China, Korea, Malaysia) - Cisco Systems (Feb 1997)

"The work we've done has the potential to at least double Metaplex's future size and profitability. I'm starting to understand how I could double Metaplex and still be effective. By learning better delegation techniques. And how to relate to people has made it very feasible to double the workforce."

"I'm receiving a lot of increased praise, recognition and acknowledgement.
And now I see myself on the same level as others instead of needing to be better than or above others.

Now I'm O.K. with conflict"

- Peter Haig, then Managing Director - Metaplex Pty Ltd

"My overall conclusion is that Peter has "transformed" to a different person (inside) over a period of 12 months.

- Ben Ng, then an Engineer with Metaplex Pty Ltd

"This last month {since you've been working with him}, has seen a significant improvement in Peter's effectiveness, at least in terms of personality. Many people have noticed the more genial air about him and a greater willingness to delegate responsibility. He isn't perfect but definitely improved.

With myself I find that life is good. I notice life is much better and I am much happier now I'm able to let my natural personality bubble out. There is no fear now. I can safely be me and deal with the consequences. And I no longer find myself compelled to do things."

- James Balestriere, then a Systems Analyst - Metaplex Pty Ltd

"You've shown me that to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships I need to unconditionally accept the other person for who they are, but for me to unconditionally accept someone else I need to first accept myself for who I am. With that acceptance I find myself free now to enjoy the process of life and obtain pleasure from doing the actions rather than being focussed on the goal. So I now find I enjoy more of my life."

- James Balestriere, then a Systems Analyst - Metaplex Pty Ltd

"You'd be very pleased with James, there has been a noticeable improvement in his relationships with other folks. He's working really hard at listening."
- Peter Haig, then Managing Director - Metaplex Pty Ltd, talking about James

"As a result of our work I'm stronger, more confident; and am stress free. I have added strength. The work was very strengthening, and this has spun off into other areas of my life. Its definitely helped me in many ways."

- Wayne Pershouse, Corporate Relations Executive, Tokai Bank

"You've helped me tremendously. I'm a different man now. My leadership skills have improved ten-fold, and I've seen major changes in my people."

- Sandy Singh, Asia Pacific Technical Assistance Centre, Cisco Systems

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