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Our Board Members include a range of people who demonstrate advanced leadership capabilities themselves, both in terms of their accomplishments as well as their inner selves; and who are highly committed to improving the level of leadership throughout the world.

Our Advisory Board Members in Australia include Professor Ronald Laura, Professor Peter Efford and Tony Lenart.

The Institute of Advanced Leadership (Uganda) is now run autonomously by Ugandans and IAL (Australia) is no longer associated with it.
Our Board of Directors in Uganda was made up of:
* CHAIRPERSON: Tony Lenart - Executive Chairman (International), Institute of Advanced Leadership
* DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON: Ahmed Mustaphor Doka - Resident District Commissioner (Governor) - Yumbe, President's Office
* DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON: Marinka Sanc-George - General Manager, Uganda Travel Bureau
* Prof. Edward.J.B. Kakonge - Professor, Makerere University
* Nyamungu Salome - Commissioner, Ministry of Public Service
* Mary Wasike - Principal Personnel Officer, Ministry of Public Service
* Maria Bawubya Senkezi - Project Officer: Child Protection, UNICEF
* Dicken B. Nsubuga - National Treasurer, National Effort to Spread Career and Academic Awareness (NESCAA)
* Barbara Katende - Lecturer, Makerere University - `Public Administration
* Edison E. Mwange - Lecturer, Makerere University - Department of Agricultural Extension Services, Faculty of Agriculture

Transforming Leadership Throughout The World


The Institute of Advanced Leadership (IAL) is a non profit organisation whose purpose is to enhance the level and effectiveness of leadership practice in individuals, corporations, governments and charities throughout the world.

It does this with a particular focus on helping people achieve the professional and personal development which will enable them to become inspiring leaders who transform people and organisations,who act as catalysts for major improvements, and who achieve extraordinary results.

What The Institute Does:

1/ The Institute is a leader and a catalyst in the development of the field of one-on-one leadership development. (A ground-breaking way of massively increasing the performance and job satisfaction of leaders through utilising very powerful personal and professional development processes individually designed for each person. )

2/ It promotes and provides advanced leadership training (including group as well as one-on-one leadership development) for people who hold leadership positions in corporations, governments and charities throughout the world.

The training is provided at a competitive price; or for free or at a discount if the recipients are judged to be in a position where, as a result of doing the training, they are likely to substantially increase the value they add to society. (e.g. This year we expect to train over 1000 charity and goverment leaders in Africa, India and other developing nations. Much of this will be provided for free.)

3/ IOAL rewards and recognises successful study and application in the area of Advanced Leadership, through awarding relevant diplomas. (e.g. The “Diploma of Advanced Leadership”, or “Executive Director’s Diploma”.)

4/ Educational resources are provided to help people develop advanced leadership skills, attitudes and understanding; and to help in their personal and professional development.

5/ "Certificates of Recognition" are disseminated through a variety of means including E'Mail & Internet to enhance the work and self esteem of thousands (and hopefully millions) of people.

6/ The Institute awards “Advanced Leadership Awards” to leaders who are judged to be making significant contributions to society. These include certificates and monetary awards to be spent in any way the recipients feel will help their work.

7/ The Institute donates money to organisations which are judged as adding substantial value to society through their work.

P.S. The definition of “leadership” includes “any work done which acts in some way as a catalyst in creating a greater event or result than the original input”. It also includes personal leadership - the qualities achieved through personal development which enable a person to live their life fully and powerfully, while being very happy and loving.


Nelson Mandela receiving the "Africa Prize for Leadership" from The Hunger Project (a partner of the Institute). To his left are President Clinton, and THP Directors: Javier Pérez de Cuéllar (former UN Secretary-General) and Queen Noor of Jordon.

Our aim is to be a catalyst in transforming the world through transforming leadership: to influence as many influential people as possible to have the greatest positive influence on their organisations and countries as possible.

It's our intention:

  • - to help Government Leaders to be more visionary and to see themselves as Servant Leaders;
  • - to help Charity Leaders be more effective;
  • - and to help Corporate Leaders to be more profitable through adding value, being honest (and thus inspiring trust), looking after their staff, and contributing to their society.

We believe Zig Ziglar's creed that "You'll get whatever you want in life if you'll just help enough other people get what they want". And we also accept the Dalai Lama's assertion that "There is no difference between the truly selfless person and the wisely selfish person".

So you could say that our aim is to teach people to be wisely selfish. (Of course the emphasis is on improving wisdom rather than selfishness: People are already quite practised at being unwisely selfish - and therefore unhappy, unfulfilled, and limited in their success.)

And as wars and poverty are caused by people's behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and approaches, it is possible to overcome these through teaching people to achieve what they want in a way that is better for themselves - and everyone else.

And so we will keep working till the world is free of poverty and where the great mass of men and women lead lives of deep fulfilment.

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